Human Subrace- Asariyan


Race- The Asariyan
Description- This very ancient people came through the great gate at Gateway City about two centuries after the Great Destroyer devastated the world. These desert dwelling people had found a gate in their old world. The world they lived in had been slowly drying up and year by year the land had become less able to sustain life on the scale of the Asariyan culture. Forced into more and more extreme climate the decision was finally made to abandon their world and seek out a new life elsewhere.Arriving at Gateway City and surrounded by a vast ocean these desert dwelling people had a very hard time adapting to a home that was surrounded on all sides by water. As they explored outward from the city they discovered that civilization had already grown in the northern continent of Avernon. So seeking a place to call their own explorers among them headed out into the world to find a new homeland.

In time their hope to find a new homeland became real as they searched beyond the southern Sea of Storms finding the northern coast of Rathalin. The search had taken two generations and though all true Asariyan love the windswept deserts the search for their new homeland instilled a wander lust in many of their people. Many Asariyan join adventuring groups just for that reason.

Physical Description- These are deeply tanned Arabic like with dark hair and dark eyes. They are a little shorter than average. They range from 5’5” to 6’0” with woman in general being about 4” shorter.

Strength 12
Agility 13
Constitution 12
Intellect 12
Willpower 13
Persuasion 12
Luck 12

Racial Abilities
Stat Increases- All humans start with a +1 to all stats and Asariyans add +1 to agility and willpower
Bonus Feat Choose a feat
Bonus Skill Choose a skill
Weapon Trained All Asariyan characters receive training in the use a short bow and scimitar and gain a +1 to hit and damage when using these weapons.
Skill Focus- Riding- Horse The Asariyan gains +5 to riding skills when riding a horse
Skill Focus- Survival-Desert The Asariyan gains +5 to survival- desert rolls

Racial Skills
Riding- Horse +2 to riding a horse rolls
Survival- Desert +2 to survival- desert rolls
Diplomacy +2 to diplomacy rolls
Craft- Choose one +2 to the chosen craft

Human Subrace- Asariyan

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